Paid Participant For Smart Eye Study- Eye Gaze

Boston, MA
Student (High School)

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to collect data of participants eye gaze for our In-Cabin Sensing software. The data will be used to train AI models that can be deployed in future vehicles providing additional driver safety features.

Type of Activity: For this study participants will be asked to focus their gaze at fixed targets in the lab. 

Compensation: $50 will be given to each participant via American Express Gift Card. We are not able to offer alternative methods of payment at this time. 

Location: The protocol will be performed in our Gaze Vector Lab at  the Boston Data Lab located at 100 Summer Street Boston, MA 02110

Requirements: In order to qualify to participate: 

  • Appointments will last no more than 30 minutes
  • Must wear facial masks at all times
  • Must be willing to be recorded via cameras and microphones during the study
  • Must not be under the influence of medications, alcohol, or other drugs
  • Must not wear or have any head-gear, eye-patches, wear clothing the night of that blocks the eyes or parts of the face, except regular eyeglasses

Scheduling information: Eligible participants will receive scheduling information for a 1 hour time slot. Please note that appointments will last no more than 30 minutes. 

Commitment to your scheduled study time is incredibly important to the success of the study. Please do not sign up if not fully committed to participate. Smart Eye reserves the right to refuse study participation for any reason.

Mobility Requirement: Unfortunately at this time we cannot take participants with mobility restrictions. For this study you must position your head 48inches from the ground on a chin-stand. Which although not intended to be strenuous, this can be difficult for some people. Anyone with chronic neck pain, paralysis, nerve damage or other mobility impairments are not eligible at this time.

Smart Eye’s studies often require participants to be recorded while not wearing a face mask. Smart Eye and Affectiva are committed to mitigating the risks from COVID-19 for both our employees and paid participants. For this reason, we STRONGLY  RECOMMEND that all participants be vaccinated against COVID-19 to limit the risks of COVID-19 for themselves and those they interact with. We also require that participants wear face masks while inside our office and not in the process of being recorded. If we are recording inside, we will ask participant groups to distance themselves from our employees whenever possible.

About Smart Eye: Smart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine for a better and more sustainable future through the development of groundbreaking eye tracking technology. Since 2005 this technology has been used by the automotive industry in driver monitoring systems to improve driver safety. As of 2021, Smart Eye has acquired Affectiva as part of development towards an all-inclusive in-cabin sensing system to provide a new level of automotive safety.


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