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Study Name:Mobile Lab Research Study


Purpose: This study is to improve the emotional measurements of drivers. The resulting technology will be used to make cars responsive to driver emotions (including joy, anger, drowsiness, and distraction). It will also make interactions more natural and more conversational, allowing the car’s software to interact more seamlessly and the user to think less about phrasing commands the way the software developers expect them to.


Background: Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spin-off that has emotion detection software currently being used to help with healthcare (including autism, parkinson’s, and depression), to make robots more user friendly, and to enable market researchers to better understand their audience.



Pi Alley Parking Garage

275 Washington Street

8th Floor, Magenta Car

Boston, MA 02108

Requirements: Participants must be willing to be recorded during the study; must speak English; must be over 15 (minors need to be accompanied by a parent). Participant facial and vocal expressions will be recorded.

Type of Activity: Participants in this study will be placed in the driver seat of Affectiva’s mobile lab and asked to perform a series of time-blocked tasks; tasks will involve facial expressions, head movements, and natural reactions. The vehicle will stay parked through the duration of the study. Participants must be comfortable being recorded a camera.

Date and Time: 20 minutes is required on any day from Friday 12/21 - Friday 1/25.
Compensation: Up to $100 will be given to each participant at the end of the 20 minutes via PayPal.

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